FAQs - all you need to know about VoIP and hosted PBX phone systems.

I’ve not really heard of VoIP, what is it?

VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is likely to become the normal way of making phone calls. It uses the internet or smartphone data to deliver cost-saving and robust, crystal-clear call quality. And it can deliver a fully featured, flexible phone system which adapts to your business needs.

Most people are already familiar with the technology - VoIP is what drives Skype or WhatsApp calls. But many aren’t aware of the power VoIP can deliver to a business phone system.

You don’t need a computer to make and receive VoIP calls – we supply VoIP phones that look and operate in the same way as regular phones, except the calls are routed differently.

The technology behind VoIP is reliable and stable, so your calls will always be of the highest quality. It is not experimental or unstable, it is simply not yet widely known.

What’s the call quality like with VoIP?

Most of us have experienced a dodgy internet call over Skype or a similar service.

However, today’s faster broadband speeds mean you no longer need to worry about call quality. Even high-quality calls don’t take up a lot of bandwidth, so anyone with a decent internet connection can get a top-quality, reliable service. We’re also careful to check your connection is suitable before installing your VoIP system.

At a time when most people can download and stream HD films without any issues, making and receiving high quality calls is not a problem.

I’ve heard you can’t call international numbers with VoIP?

Most international calls are included free as part of your unlimited calls package but calls to some countries will incur an additional charge. To find out more please click here.

What If there’s a power failure or loss of connection?

Outages are very rare. And, if they happen, they usually last only a very short time. If your internet connection goes down, you will still have a single line available to take and make calls. In certain circumstances we will be able to route your calls to mobiles.

If you are subjected to a power cut, calls to you will be routed to your voicemail because the system is hosted by us.

A power cut will take down your phone system regardless of whether you have VoIP or a regular phone line. One advantage of using our hosted Virtual Switchboard (which you get automatically as a VoIPinclusive customer) is that you can easily switch sites by diverting your calls to a different number while the power is out. Alternatively, you could leave a recorded message letting any callers know what’s going on when they dial your number.

What devices will the VoIP app support?

The VoipInclusive Mobex app will support most Apple and Android Devices.

What our customers say

VoIP Inclusive Fixed Our Call Costs
We have been using VoIP Inclusive for many years now.

VoIP Inclusive Fixed Our Call Costs

“We were initially quoted thousands of pounds from a local Telecommunication supplier, but for a small set-up figure and fixed monthly costs we were able to get all our lines, phones, numbers and best of all our calls.”

Christopher Street - Managing Director, Redcliffe Removals

We have been using VoIP Inclusive for many years now.

“taking full advantage of the all Inclusive bundles that in turn allow our budgets to be managed much better. Excellent service and support and a good reliable product with clear speech in both directions.”

Syracusa Solutions -