With VoIP Inclusive, you’re getting so much more than just the latest telephony technology. These are just some of the benefits that VoIP Inclusive will bring to your company, regardless of its size:


Fixed Phone Costs

There’s no need to buy and maintain an expensive pbx switchboard and handsets. We provide all the equipment you need. We set up a hosted pbx switchboard for you and supply you with all the routers, base stations and phones you need, all included in your monthly rate.

There are no expensive maintenance or costly repairs to worry about either. We look after everything for you.


Fixed Costs

If you choose the per-seat monthly package, you get all the features you need plus 5,000 minutes of outbound calling to UK 01, 02, and mobile networks.

Internal calls are free of charge, irrespective of your location. If you use more than your 5,000 included minutes, you also benefit from reduced call charges. Please contact us for details.


Flexible Working

VoIP Inclusive allows you to have staff connected anywhere. All you need is a data connection from your broadband or smartphone.

Using the Hosted PBX, you can have users at multiple sites - at home, on the road or office-based - all connected to the same company switchboard. Not only are all internal calls free, but calls can be quickly and easily transferred between team members regardless of where they are working.


A Future-Proof, Flexible System

From start-ups working from home to big businesses looking to adapt to the pandemic and save on office costs, VoIP Inclusive works for everyone. Our fully featured phone system allows your business to be flexible and agile enough to take advantage of new opportunities.

You don’t even need a dedicated phone line or expensive hardware, just a broadband connection. Everything is handled by us. And, as your company grows, you simply add extra users when you need to.



Your VoIP Inclusive numbers and services are hosted, so they are completely portable. If you want to move offices or are forced to locate elsewhere due to an emergency (such as a Pandemic, flood or fire) it’s easy to do so and your service will not be affected. Our service is ready-built for use as part of your disaster recovery / business continuity plans.


Number and Services Included

When you become a VoIP Inclusive client you get a number and access to a range of simple yet sophisticated phone services. You can choose either an 01, 02 or 03 number (0300 or 0333) for free, or any other number type if you’d prefer. For example, you might choose an 0800 number for a small additional cost, or maybe an 0844 where you receive 2p /min every time someone calls you.


Free Support

We take care of you every step of the way. Before you even sign up we’ll answer all your questions and talk to you to make sure our service is the best solution for you. We’ll check your connection is suitable for the VoIP system and help you design the perfect phone system for your needs.

After installation and set-up, we’re only a phone call away. We don’t charge for support and we’re always happy to answer your questions, no matter what the issue.

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What our customers say

VoIP Inclusive Fixed Our Call Costs
We have been using VoIP Inclusive for many years now.

VoIP Inclusive Fixed Our Call Costs

“We were initially quoted thousands of pounds from a local Telecommunication supplier, but for a small set-up figure and fixed monthly costs we were able to get all our lines, phones, numbers and best of all our calls.”

Christopher Street - Managing Director, Redcliffe Removals

We have been using VoIP Inclusive for many years now.

“taking full advantage of the all Inclusive bundles that in turn allow our budgets to be managed much better. Excellent service and support and a good reliable product with clear speech in both directions.”

Syracusa Solutions -